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Canadian Families Info & Form


Become a Friendship Family!

Did you know that the vast majority of international students will never have the opportunity to step into a Canadian home or perhaps even have a friendship with a Canadian?

Are you looking for a positive and enriching adventure? Would you enjoy expressing the love of Jesus through genuine friendship and hospitality with an international student?

You can begin a friendship with international students through the Friendship Program by having them over for tea, sharing a meal on Canadian holidays, and inviting them to participate in whatever you like to do as a family. Ideally, we would like to connect your family with a pair of students for at least 2 or 3 visits per school semester, which will help them feel comfortable in a new environment.

Friendship and family are highly valued in the cultural backgrounds of most international students. Your efforts in this area will mostly likely be wonderfully cherished by the students you meet.

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